Azerbaijan sets electricity consumption limit for IDPs settled in non-gasified dormitories, boarding houses

18:20   17 February 2017    549

Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers has passed a decision on setting electricity consumption limit for internally displaced persons and persons equated to them, settled in places of their temporary residence.

According to the order, the monthly electricity consumption limit for IPDs and persons equated to them living in places of their temporary residence (former dormitories, boarding houses and other buildings) that are not gasified on an individual basis has been set at 300 kWh per capita, reported.

The fee for electricity consumption in line with the established limit shall be paid on the retail sale tariff determined by the Tariff Council for the first 300 kWh of the monthly consumption of population.

The State Committee for Affairs of Refugees and IPDs, together with relevant district (city) executive authorities, are due to annually develop an act on the actual consumption of natural gas, electricity, water and transportation of waste by the abovementioned persons and ensure payment of fees for utility services to relevant organizations within the limit in a centralized form.

According to the decision (dated 22 January 2002) of the Cabinet of Ministers on approval of the rules for the payment of benefits in connection with the replacement of privileges of unsettled refugees and IPDs by benefits, the monthly limit was set at 150 kWh per capita.

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