Despite efforts of int’l terrorism, Turkey averted coup attempt

16:58   17 February 2017    571

Despite all the efforts of international terrorism, the people and government of Turkey adequately coped with the July 2016 military coup attempt, said Azerbaijani Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev.

He made the remarks during the Turkey-Azerbaijan-Georgia business forum in Istanbul Feb. 17.

All the Azerbaijani people were concerned about the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey, noted Mustafayev.

“That was a crime, which could disrupt the stability of not only Turkey, but also the entire region,” he added. “Thanks to the unity of the Turkish people and government, this crime was prevented in time.”

He stressed that Azerbaijan at the highest level unequivocally and strongly condemned the July 15 military coup attempt.

The minister added that Azerbaijan has always been close to the people and government of Turkey.

Mustafayev emphasized that Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia attach great importance to regional stability and security.

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