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Ex-CIA Officer: US Defense Secretary ignores Russia’s success in fighting Daesh

Date: 12.01.17, 11:03

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Outgoing US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has refused to acknowledge the effective role of Russian forces in fighting Daesh in northwestern Syria and at major population centers, former CIA officer Phil Giraldi told, AzVision.az reports citing Sputnik.

Carter claimed in an interview with NBC earlier in the week that Russia had taken no effective role in fighting Daesh despite the success of Syrian ground forces backed by Russian tactical air support in rolling back Daesh from wide areas of the country over the past 15 months.

“Carter is basing his comment on the geographical fact that Russia and Syria are mostly involved in fighting the insurgents around the population centers, consisting largely of al-Ansar and the so-called moderates,” Giraldi said.

By contrast, US air strikes and support of rebels in Syria were engaged farther to the east where Daesh predominates.

Carter had proven himself hostile to the legitimate Syrian government and even used force against it so he was partial in his judgments, Giraldi explained.

“Ash Carter is the gentleman who bombed Syrian troops deliberately so one might argue that his desire to fight terrorists is selective,” he said.

Giraldi also observed that Russian air com units were now very active in backing the Turkish army in its new moves against Daesh forces operating close to Syria’s border with Turkey.

The outgoing Pentagon chief was making misleading arguments in an effort to try and force incoming President-elect Donald Trump to follow Obama’s failed policies, Giraldi claimed.

Carter’s comments could not be sustained in the face of clear evidence and should be ignored in Moscow as well by the incoming new policymakers in Washington, Giraldi advised.

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