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We will adequately respond to all provocations - Ilham Aliyev

Date: 11.01.17, 9:06

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"The April battles are our glorious history, great victory. We are proud of our soldiers. During these battles the Azerbaijani people has once again demonstrated unity”, - President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has said at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development of 2016 and objectives for the future, AzVision.az reports.

The Head of State noted that 2016 was very important in terms of settlement of the conflict. “The opposite side - Armenia was in a panic and asked the mediators to facilitate the early completion of these fights and expressed its readiness to return to the negotiation process. The Azerbaijani public is well aware that they turned in various international organizations, including the organization of the collective security Treaty organization. Although the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty Organization has no relation to this issue. Persons who led until now by the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, just made a big political mistake, expressing pro-Armenian position and unacceptable thoughts. Today, we are all aware of their fate”.

The President noted that the April battles – Azerbaijan’s brilliant victory, once again demonstrated the power of the Azerbaijani state, at the same time, once again showed that Azerbaijan will never accept such situation: "We will give an adequate response to all provocations. At the same time it has been completely dispelled the myth that was created over the years by Armenia. Without receipts of weapons, money, and other assistance from the outside, they could not have stood against us only a week. They themselves recognize this. We have long been aware of this. "

"We are, as always, take a constructive approach, justice, as well as the norms of international law - on our side. Historical truth strengthens our position. We have military power, and the economic potential and political prestige. That is, we will solve the problem as we want. Our desire is to restore the territorial integrity of our country, to raise the flag of Azerbaijan in all the occupied lands. That is our goal, and we lead to it. April fights have become very important historical step in this direction”.

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