Russian UFO hunter claims satellite pictures show alien spaceship - VIDEO

13:17   19 May 2017    1310

A Russian man claims to have found evidence of a giant alien spaceship that crash landed in Antarctica.

He posted images of the alleged UFO wreckage which he spotted while analysing Google Earth pictures of the planet's most southerly continent.

Valentin Degteryov from Nizhny Tagil claimed the unusual object is some 1,900 feet in length, and a video he posted has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits.

However, many of the comments are skeptical.

Many say plausibly that the images show a rocky outcrop on a barren mountain.

UFO hunter Degteryov claimed the supposed alien wreckage became visible due to melting ice in Antarctica.

A video he posted claimed: 'The huge spaceship in Antarctica.

'Millions years ago in Antarctica the huge spaceship has crashed.

'He has fallen to the big mountain. Its length is 600 meters. He became visible after ice has descended.'

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