" Azerbaijan to continue its economic development "

17:47   18 March 2017    795

Azerbaijan will continue its economic development this year, said Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev delivering a speech at the nationwide festivities on the occasion of Novruz, the Azerbaijani national holiday.

“I am confident that the economic growth will continue this year. We have very big plans,” said the president adding that the investment program will serve for the development of real sector.

More than 150,000 hectares of land will be irrigated in agricultural sphere during this year, he noted, adding that this means the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

This means the growth of agriculture and exports, added the president.

“Only within two months of this year we created more than 40,000 new jobs in the public sector. Why? To prevent unemployment. Because state investments declined last year, especially in the construction sector. Some citizens lost their jobs. Therefore, I called on the businesses to employ at least one or two people per each company. Maybe they don’t really need it, but businesses should also realize their social responsibility,” said President Aliyev.

“A special budget has been allocated for our state companies and local executive authorities; currently, more than 40,000 people are involved in public works and other repair and construction works. Therefore, I am confident that this year Azerbaijan will continue its economic development,” he said.

The head of the state noted that there are also big plans in social sphere.

“This year, traditionally, five million people undergo free diagnostics and examination. I think that this is a rare initiative on a global scale. Modern medical facilities have been created in every district,” noted the president.

The president said that the gross domestic product grew by 0.4% during the first two months of this year. “The country’s non-oil industry has grown by 5% and agriculture by more than 3%. These are the main indicators of our economic development. Unlike many countries exporting oil and gas, we managed to maintain our foreign exchange reserves last year. Although, we could spend them. However, we are thinking about the long-term interests of our country. Every year we should increase our foreign exchange reserves. We achieve this. Today, the country’s foreign exchange reserves are five times higher than its external debt. There are few countries with this indicator”, said Mr.Aliyev.

In recent years, more than 600 medical institutions have been repaired and built, added President Aliyev.

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