Novruz Mammadov demands apology from American politician

14:29   20 April 2017    1568

Novruz Mammadov, deputy head of Azerbaijani presidential administration, chief of the administration’s foreign relations department, has demanded an apology from the American politician Scott Dworkin, who spread false information about him.

“I have been waiting and contemplating for a while. Thinking that your conscience would finally tell you that you are spreading lies and slander. That you could at least apologize. But the way I see it spreading lies is your day job,” Mammadov tweeted Apr. 20.

“Here is my proposition on info you shared about me. Should you be able to prove that I am the owner of 2 condos in the US, I hereby announce that you will have one of them as a gift from me. Otherwise, you must apologize, that is if you have honor and dignity,” he added.

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