Putin must answer on weapon sale to Azerbaijan - Sargsyan

10:47   17 July 2017    1099

'It is early to accuse Russia for selling the Russian weapons to Azerbaijan', the Armenian president Serjh Sargsyan said in his interview to "R-Təkamül" program of the Armenian television.

"It is the serious problem of our military co-operation and friendship bewteen Armenia and Russia. This problem casts a shadow on most issues. However, the other side understands the current situation. Maybe, this situation is inexcusable for us but excusable for them. Nothing serious has happened yet. If serious consequences appear, we may accuse then. If serious consequences do not emerge, we must evaluate this action as Russia's long-term policy to stabilize the situation in the region.

Sargsyan also stated that Moscow did not give official response and Russia must answer Armenia. "Russian president and Foreign Minister must give an official response," Sargsyan added.

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