Residents of Armenian-shelled village on recent Armenian provocation- VIDEO

17:23   08 August 2017    1244

On August 7, the Armenian Armed Forces shelled the Garalar village in Tovuz region. As a result of shelling villager Yusifov Ramil Sabir, 13 got wounded, reports.

ARB TV channel’s group has been to the Garalar village in order to talk to the witnesses. The residents state that the Armenian Armed Forces open fire at the village in spite of the ceasefire on a regular basis. Armenian soldiers shoot the houses and civilians.

The villagers are afraid of working in the fields. That’s why they mainly work in the evening. Therefore, the enemy side regularly commences fire after 18.00 o’clock.

The villagers, who got used to shooting noises, say that they are not afraid of anything and trust on the Azerbaijani army.

Note, wounded Ramin Yusifov was hospitalized. He had a surgical operation and his health condition is normal.

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