August 10 tragedy - 27 years pass since perpetration of Armenian terrorism

09:48   10 August 2017    4618

27 years pass since the exploaion of A passenger bus moving on Tbilisi-Aghdam route by the Armenian terrorists, reports.

As a result of the Armenian terrorism 20 people died, 30 were injured.

Armenian terrorists Armen Mikhaylovich Avenesyan and Mikhail Mikhaylovich Tatevosov who perpetrated the crime, were arrested. A.Avanesyan was condemned to death on May, 1992, and M.Tatevosov was imprisoned for 15 years. During investigation it was determined that, criminals planned to explode a passenger bus moving on Aghdam-Tbilisi route on July 17, 1991, but they failed to execute this act because of reasons not depending on them.

M.Tatesov was changed with Azerbaijanian hostages on May, 1992 in Tartar region.

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