I hope that during next summit presidents will announce certain steps - Co-chair

11:56   11 August 2017    886

I hope that during the next summit, the parties will carry out a solid work, and even if it is not possible to reach a final settlement, they will announce certain steps, the OSCE Minsk Group’s U.S. Co-Chair, Richard Hoagland, said in his interview to the Azerbaijan and Armenia services of Voice of America.

He noted that there are a framework agreement, as well as related steps and stages.

“The basis of the settlement is the search for compromises that will demilitarize the situation and bring peace, prosperity and security to the peoples of the region."

The ambassador also touched upon the issue of the impact of Russia-US relations on the negotiation process.

“Around this task, the US continues to work with Russia despite the strained relations between the two countries. Nothing has changed in our working together. The relations among the co-chairs have not changed. Politicians may collide, but we intend to continue our work," he said.

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