Armenia must give consent to the entry of Azerbaijan in the EAEC - Expert

  28 October 2015    Read: 888
Armenia must give consent to the entry of Azerbaijan in the EAEC - Expert

"Applications for membership are declarative in nature, the president of the Caucasian Scientific Society Alexander Krylov in an interview with EADaily.

These statements are intended to ensure the most favorable attitude of certain states for the forthcoming elections. To speak of a real turn of Baku in the direction of EAEC is absolutely premature.

`Azerbaijan is a country, which has close economic ties with the majority of the EAEC. However, all decisions in the EAEC are taken by consensus`, he said.

"To start the accession process it is necessary to obtain the consent of all the Member States of EAEC. Obviously, it is unrealistic to expect to receive this agreement by Armenia before the normalization of its relations with Azerbaijan. Therefore, in the short term all the statements about a possible accession of Azerbaijan to the EAEC will be only declarative, without any chance of their practical implementation," the expert said.

Krylov also said that Azerbaijan can join the EAEC in only two cases: if Armenia will give its consent to the accession of Azerbaijanto the EAEC, or if Armenia itself for any reason decides to withdraw from this integration association.

"Obviously, both options are theoretically possible, but not more. At least in the near historical future."

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