Azerbaijani Army controls all of liberated heights - MoD

  15 April 2016    Read: 2229
Azerbaijani Army controls all of liberated heights - MoD
Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan’s belated recognition of recent developments on the contact line is nothing but another unsuccessful attempt of the defeated “warlord” to justify himself, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The statement reads below:

Ohanyan’s statements, which do not reflect real events and situation, are cliché sentences copied from the past century’s combat charters.

If the Armenians claim that they did not make use of combat reserves and their tank crewmen fought “skillfully and valiantly,” why do they forget to admit that up to 30 Armenian tanks sent from the depth of defense, moving in colons, and tens of artillery pieces were destroyed?”, the statement said.

A couples days ago, the Armenian side claimed that Azerbaijan had launched a large-scale offensive with the participation of four military formations. Now Ohanyan, having forgotten the point, is trying to make his people believe that the clashes had taken place between platoons.

Ohanyan’s statements that the Armenian army allegedly has more powerful weaponry at its disposal are absurd. A question arises: if they had such weapons, who stopped him from using those weapons? We’re sure that if the Armenian invaders had any such weapons, they would not have hesitated to use them. Perhaps, Ohanyan was talking about the outdated weapons in military bases in Armenia, left from the Soviet period, or chemical weapons handmade by “Armenian masters”? If so, the enemy needs to keep in mind that in case they use this weapon or violates the ceasefire, threatening the civilians’ security, then our retaliation will be more precise, more decisive, and sterner.

Another issue is that Ohanyan’s claims that they have great mobilization resources, volunteers and a strong army failed on the very first day.

If they take into account the volunteers, who are starving in misery, do not have any support, not even receive a pension and gather “for a piece of bread’, and the despised executioners with blood-stained hands in the murder of civilians and the elderly, forcibly placed in trenches, maybe then they can claim that Armenia has mobilization resources. Ohanyan’s comparison of the Armenian army with our Armed Forces is his fantasy and dream that is impossible to be realized. The power of the Azerbaijan Army is already a reality and the recent events once again proved it.

As for Ohanyan’s claims on the positions on the frontline, the task assigned to our military units during the hostilities caused by the Armenian subversive acts is to ensure the safety of the people living along frontline. Our army, which took control of the strategic heights around these settlements, has fulfilled this task successfully.

Claims that the Armenian military units are controlled at a high level are ridiculous. From the very beginning, we have witnessed the primitiveness of this control system which they touted. The enemy army was paralyzed from the first strikes of the Azerbaijani military units. Military operations have shown that provision and supply of Armenian armed forces and involvement of additional forces are in chaotic. These events once again proved in what a deplorable situation are Armenian soldiers.

Contrary to the pathetic statements, empty dreams and utopian claims of the Armenian military and political leadership, strikes our military units were so unexpected and destroyed their ‘dreams of victory’. Because in the course of the counter-offensive, we have taken electronic warfare measures against the enemy and conducted aerial surveillance of the enemy positions. The strikes of the Azerbaijani side on enemy forces were so devastating that the opposite side has been able to respond to us only after two days. This was made possible only after a partial stability that emerged as a result of persistent requests of intermediaries on the cessation of hospitalities in response to Armenians’ pleas to the whole world.

We inform you that thanks to the unity of the army and the people, attention and care of the country’s leadership, as well as courage and heroism, Azerbaijani soldiers defeated the enemy forces and forced them to flee.

Azerbaijani Armed Forces control all of liberated heights, holding at gunpoint the military facilities deep inside the enemy lines. Azerbaijani Armed Forces are always ready to strike at enemy positions. Just this fact make the Armenians be in fear and panic.

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