Corruption Statistics in Azerbaijan for 2016

  12 January 2017    Read: 2792
Corruption Statistics in Azerbaijan for 2016

The Anti-Corruption Department under General Prosecutor`s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan completed investigating 201 criminal cases involving 313 people and submitted to the different courts for hearing, Kamran Aliyev, Deputy Prosecutor-General, Chief of the Anti- Corruption Department under the Prosecutor General told

`In 2016, Azerbaijani citizens submitted 9 360 applications to the department which this number was 10 654 in 2015. 7 266 people used hot line service in 2015. However, the number of hot line users was 5 492 in 2016. The prosecutors who go on duty obtain 15-20 information in a day. There was a significant decrease in the number of hot line users after the establishment of `ASAN Service`. In other words, citizens do not face any challenges`, Karimov said.

`23 criminal cases were filed a legal action in regard with the submitted applications in 2016. Some of them were sentenced and others` lawsuits are on the process. 6 operations were held on the basis of the obtained information`, Karimov stated.

`The General Department carries on necessary preventive and administrative, as well as criminal prosecution measures to prevent any artificial increase in price, monopolism and misuse in consumer market. In this manner, 12 criminal lawsuits were filed against 13 people in 2016`, he noted.

`The corruption can be observed both in state and private sectors such as in Local Executive Authorities, construction sector, banks, education, health and other sector`, Karimov added.

Leyla Jabbarzade

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