Gunfight in Yerevan - Police shot protesters, 30 arrested | VIDEO

  27 July 2016    Read: 2031
Gunfight in Yerevan - Police shot protesters, 30 arrested | VIDEO
More than 240 hours have passed since the incident in Yerevan’s Khorentasi street, where the armed group has seized the Armenian police regiment. However, yesterday evening and at night heated incidents took place there.

The police had issued a statement warning the protestors to change the place of their rally from Khorentasi street. However, the rally took place there. Alec Yenikomshian, Heritage Party Leader Raffi Hovannisian, President of the Union for National Self-Determination (UNSD), songwriter Ruben Hakhverdyan, political analyst Andrias ghukasyan, Heritage Party member Savit Sansaryan, Hayazn Party representative Armen Hovhannisyan and Gyumri’s Aparez Journalists’ Club President Levon Barseghyan spoke at the rally. Afterwards the protestors gathered in Khorentsi street launched a march along Yerevan streets to the police and National Security Service buildings.

The number of the police was unprecedentedly large in the street. Later spokesperson for the police, Ashot Aharonyan, wrote on his Facebook page that a shootout had taken place, as a result of which a law enforcement officer, as well as the Sasna Tsrer armed group members Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram were wounded. All three have been hospitalized.

“The shootout has stopped at the moment; negotiations are underway for completing the process of the surrender of the armed group members,” Aharonyan wrote.

For its part, Sansa Tsrer armed group announced that “the police attacked the territory of the regiment; Pavel Manukyan, Aram Manukyan, Gevorg Iritsyan and probably other members of the group have been wounded. The police have taken Pavel, Aram, Gagik Yeghiazaryan and one more member of the group.”

At night the police detained more than 30 citizens in Khorenatsi street. Gyumri’s Asparez Journalists’ Club President Levon Barseghyan is among them. The task force police officers have torn away the poster installed in the street, which required Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation.

Later Yerevan’s Erebuni hospital representatives informed that Pavel Manukyan and his son have been operated on. Their condition is critical, their life being endangered

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