60 injured, 100 detained as a result of clash between police and protesters - VIDEO, UPDATED, PHOTOS

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60 injured, 100  detained as a result of clash between police and protesters - VIDEO, UPDATED, PHOTOS
The number of people hospitalized after the dispersion of protesters near a captured police building in the country’s capital has gone up to 60, press secretary of Armenia’s Ministry of Health, Anahit Aytayan, said.

"Sixty people were hospitalized as a result of the police dispersion of demonstrations held around the territory of the patrol police building captured by an armed group in Yerevan," Aytayan said, AzVision.az reports citing the Armenian Media .

More than 100 people were detained in Yerevan after clashes between demonstrators and police, Interfax reported.

July 30, 00:22

At least 15 people were injured during dispersal of the demonstration in Yerevan, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the information, about 50 people were detained.

July 29, 23:56

Fire has sparked in one of the houses of Sari Tagh neighborhood of Yerevan’s Erebuni district.

The members of the house have suffered injuries. An Ambulance car, transporting the injured, is on the site now. There are minors among the wounded.

Traces of smoke grenade have been found out in the burning house.

To disperse the protestors in Sari Tagh, the policemen attacked and threw smoke grenades at them. Fire has sparked in the territory, probably above the gas pipeline. According to the preliminary information, there are wounded.

Certain plainclothes men are hindering the work of the journalists, banning them to video record the developments, our correspondent reports.

Radio Liberty announced that its journalists Karlen Aslanyan and Hovhannes Movsisyan have been subjected to battery by plainclothes men. А1+ journalist has also suffered burn injuries.

The situation is extremely tense also in Khorenatsi street, where large crowd of people have gathered. Turning to the protestors, Deputy Colonel Ayvazyan announced that the assembly is unlawful and urged to stop it. The police started attacking shortly.

Plainclothes police attacked the journalist of Lragir.am, used violence against her and smashed her camera.

The police are moving forward in Sari Tagh from where the demonstrators are walking to Nar Dos Street.

The police continue to stop people in the streets in the vicinity of Khorenatsi Street.

The team of Radio Liberty was attacked and beaten in Sari Tagh, Radio Liberty informed, adding that the assaulters were plainclothes police.

The Police used special means against the demonstrators in Sari Tagh.

On Khorenatsi Street the police dispersed the demonstrators. Some civilians have injuries.

After several shots on Khorenatsi Street the police attacked the demonstrators and detained many of them, taking them to the other side of the fence.

The Chief of Police of Yerevan told Levon Barseghyan to leave otherwise there will be a clash. He said there is firing in the territory of the regiment, and it is dangerous to stay there. Armen Martirosyan urged women and children to leave the front rows.

The deputy chief of police of Yerevan Levon Yeranosyan also told Armen Martirosyan to urge the territory. Zaruhi Postanjyan and Ashot Karapetyan had an argument. The police gave the demonstrators 5 minutes to leave the place.

The Chief of Police of Yerevan Ashot Karapetyan to leave the territory and go to Khorenatsi Street.

Armen Martirosyan said plainclothes people hit demonstrators with stones. He called everyone to come together. He said they will stay in that part of Sari Tagh because it is the closest spot to the PPS regiment.

The police calls to stop the demonstration because it is not legitimate.

The police uses special means against the demonstrators. People are asking the deputy chief of police of Yerevan Valery Osipyan what is happening inside the premises of the PPS. He says he does not know.

The situation on Khorenatsi Street is tense, a lot of police forces have been demployed. A citizen tried to hinder, some of them closed the war for cars but police officers with masks opened the way. The number of demonstrators is increasing. There is pushing.

The police forces are approaching the place in Sari Tagh where the demonstrators are.

The demonstrators are on the hill of Sari Tagh, there are no police forces yet, the PPS premises are seen from the height from where sounds of explosions are heard.

Plainclothes people crossed the fence on Khorenatsi Street, armed police are moving in the direction of Sari tagh.

Ssome of the police officers moved from Khorenatsi Street to Sari Tagh where the the demonstrators are headed for. Sounds of explosions are heard from the PPS.

Part of the demonstrators broke through the police wall and walked into Sari Tagh from where there is a street to the Police Patrol Service regiment. The people who live in Sari Tagh are showing them the way.

The rally in support of Sasna Tsrer armed group seizing Erebuni police station has kicked off in Yerevan’s Liberty Square.

The rally is led by Heritage Party member Armen Martirosyan, Armenian News - NEWS.am correspondent reports.

“What is happening these days, is our weakness. We have weakened the struggle level and the authorities capitalized on this,” Martirosyan said. The latter disseminated information that Russian snipers are working against Sansa Tsrer armed group, demanding the authorities to dismiss this news.

“Apparently, the authorities are struggling against the freedom fighters with a long-term perspective. They are organizing not a storm but waging an exhausting war,”Martirosyan said, referring to the fact of wounding three members of Sasna Tsrer Group today.

President of Gyumri’s Asparez journalists’ club Levon Barseghyan, who was released today, stated that the people do not need bloodshed. “Serzhik Sargsyan doesn’t accept the situation adequately. He can neutralize those people, but the problem will not be solved thereby. Armenia doesn’t need authorities who rigged the elections. The source of all the evils comes from the fact that the authorities have not been elected by the people,” he noted.

More police cars drove to Khorenatsi Street, more forces are brought, the police is brought to a state of preparedness, they are armed with special means.

Gunmen put forward conditions to release hostages in Yerevan

One of gunmen, who seized a police station in Yerevan, Varuzhan Avetisyan, said that the gunmen are ready to release the doctors taken hostage earlier if other doctors agree to come, RIA Novosti agency reported July 29.

The Armenian Ministry of Health said on July 27 that the gunmen took four ambulance employees hostage, including a woman who arrived to render aid to the injured.

According to the message, the gunmen urged Armen Muradyan, Armenian minister of health, to come and remain a hostage instead of doctors. Then one of the doctors was released.

Avetisyan added that doctors feel good and perform their professional duties.

Number of injured increasing in Yerevan’s shootout

The gunmen, who seized a police station in Yerevan, are periodically exchanging fire with law enforcement officers, Ashot Aharonian, spokesman for the Armenian police, said, RIA Novosti agency reported July 29.

"While violating the requirements of law enforcement agencies, the gunmen opened fire,” Aharonian wrote on his Facebook page. “Police officers returned fire.”

Aharonian also stressed that two more gunmen were injured.

One of gunmen who seized police station in Yerevan injured

One of the gunmen who seized a police station in Yerevan was injured in the shootout, Ashot Aharonian, spokesman for the Armenian police, said July 29, RIA Novosti agency reported.

"While violating the requirements of law enforcement agencies, the gunmen opened fire,” Aharonian wrote on his Facebook page. “Police officers returned fire. One of the gunmen Arayik Khandoyan was injured.”

Yerevan gunmen receive surrender conditions

The gunmen who seized a police station in Yerevan, will be charged only upon the article on illegal possession of weapons if they voluntarily surrender, Gevorg Kostanyan, Armenian prosecutor general, said, RIA Novosti agency reported July 29.

The armed group seized the headquarters of the police and interior troops in Erebuni, Yerevan, July 17, demanding the release of the participant of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, coordinator of the opposition Armenian civil initiative ‘Founding Parliament’ Zhirayr Sefilyan.

"The issue is about three different elements of the crime, namely, illegal possession of weapons, the seizure of buildings, taking hostages,” Kostanyan said in an interview with local Shant TV channel.

“If the gunmen voluntarily release the hostages or empty buildings, they are not subject to criminal liability if their actions do not contain another crime," he added.

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