How does my memory measure up?

  10 April 2017    Read: 3535
How does my memory measure up?

1.Exploring the human hard drive

Whether it’s remembering our route to work, finding the keys we just put down or making sure that birthday card is posted, we all rely on our memories every day.

Most people can remember and retrieve massive amounts of information, including thousands of names and faces, different bank PINs and complex directions.

A select few can achieve amazing feats of memory, with minds that never forget. But our powers of recall pale in comparison to some other species.

2. The wildest memories in the world
Click on the labels to discover how we rank amongst the eight most powerful performers in nature.

We may not have the scent recognition of an elephant or a cat's short-term memory, but the human brain is the most complex machine that exists. A tiny number of people even possess "super memory".

3.86 billion brilliant bits

Some experts estimate that we can save and process about 100 terabytes of information in our heads. Click on the labels to discover the bits that make our memory work.


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