Armenia to have new coalition government - Newspaper

  12 September 2017    Read: 983
Armenia to have new coalition government - Newspaper
The makeup of the new government of Armenia after April 2018 is becoming more clearly outlined, Armenian Zhoghovurd newspaper writes.
“The position for one of the three deputy PMs in the makeup of the government to be formed next year will be given to the PAP [Prosperous Armenia Party] (or the National Assembly, Tsarukyan Faction), the RPA [Republican Party of Armenia], [Armenian Revolutionary Federation] ARF [Dashnaktsutyun Party], and PAP will again form a new coalition.

“PAP Chairman, MP and businessman Gagik Tsarukyan did not rule out this prospect.

“And when asked, ‘If incumbent President and RPA Chairman Serzh Sargsyan becomes PM after April 2018, is he a desired PM candidate to you?’ he said, ‘When the RPA will make its respective decision, nominate its candidate, then we’ll say,’” wrote Zhoghovurd.

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