Azerbaijan’s saffron ranks 2nd among most expensive vegetarian ingredients

  07 February 2019    Read: 2013
  Azerbaijan’s saffron ranks 2nd among most expensive vegetarian ingredients

Absheron saffron, planted in Azerbaijan, has ranked second among 12 most expensive vegetarian ingredients, reports citing Luxurylaunches.

Reportedly, one kilogram of Absheron saffron costs $11,000.

“Not just an exotic spice, saffron is also known for its medicinal value and its healing and aphrodisiacal qualities. The finest of its kind is said to be produced in Azerbaijan – one of the oldest centres of saffron (Crocus sativus) in the world,” said Luxurylaunches.

It is also predicted that Azerbaijan can earn more than $142.6 million per year from industrial production of saffron. More than 75,000 flowers go into the making of 0.5kg of dry saffron, with the top premium variety costing nearly US$11,000 per kg.

Yubari King melons of Japan top the list with $12,000 per kilogram.

Swiftlet Red Nest, China comes in third with $10,000/kg, followed by Peri Bali honey, Saricayir Dagi, Turkey – US$7,000/kg, Alba white truffle, Piedmont, Italy – US$6,000/kg, Densuke watermelon, Hokkaido, Japan – US$5,000/kg, Black Perigord truffles, Dordogne, France – US$2,500/kg, Kopi Luwak, Indonesia – US$1,000/kg, Pule Cheese, Macva, Serbia – US$1,000/kg, La Bonnotte potatoes, Noirmoutier, France – US$600/kg, Ruby Roman grapes, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan – US$360/kg (35 ounces) and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale vinegar, Emilia Romagna, Italy – US$200.

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