Azerbaijan-Iran ties reach ‘golden age’ – envoy

  08 February 2019    Read: 3074
 Azerbaijan-Iran ties reach ‘golden age’ – envoy

Relations between Iran and Azerbaijan have reached their golden age, Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Javad Jahangirzadeh told a press conference in Baku Friday, reports.

The diplomat noted that some countries are jealous of the current level of Iran-Azerbaijan ties.

“Despite all this, our bilateral ties stand at a high level. Currently, our ties are developing at all levels. The leaders of both countries have met 12 times over the past five years,” he said, adding that Azerbaijan is Iran’s largest source of tourists after Iraq.

Jahangirzadeh stressed that there is strong stability in Iran and Azerbaijan.

The envoy also touched upon economic relations between the two countries.

“Iran and Azerbaijan experienced a significant growth in bilateral economic relations last year. Bilateral trade is expected to reach $5 billion,” he added.


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