'Mehriban Aliyeva has elevated Azerbaijan's status on the global stage' 

  21 February 2019    Read: 1350

Appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva as First Vice-President of Azerbaijan was the beginning of a new chapter in the welfare of the people of Azerbaijan, Rob Sobhani, director general of the Caspian Group Holdings told, AzVision.az reports citing Trend. 

“Within a short period, Mehriban Aliyeva has elevated Azerbaijan's status on the global stage in the areas of culture and heritage. She has promoted the rich history of Azerbaijan in world capitals such as Rome and Paris,” he said.

Sobhani noted that Mehriban Aliyeva’s kind heart has touched the lives of ordinary Azerbaijanis through her philanthropy.

Mehriban Aliyeva is not only the First Lady of Azerbaijan but she is also the First Lady of Kindness. For the people of Azerbaijan to have Mehriban Aliyeva as First VP has been a blessing, because she has used her position for the benefit of the citizens of Azerbaijan,” noted the expert.

Sobhani pointed out that Mehriban Aliyeva is very detail oriented and as such, her attention to the problems of the citizens of Azerbaijan does not go unnoticed.

“This is very important, because she can instruct ministers and other officials to be more careful in addressing the needs of citizens -- whether they live in Baku or Ganja or Lankaran. The people of Azerbaijan can also be proud of their First VP, because she has elevated the name of Azerbaijan around the world. Today people in France and Italy know about the rich history of Azerbaijani music because of Mehriban Aliyeva,” he said.

The expert believes that equally important, Mehriban Aliyeva pays close attention to issues of woman entrepreneurs, helping woman create their own businesses and being an equal partner in the economic growth of Azerbaijan.

It is also worth mentioning that Mehriban Aliyeva’s attention to science is important for the people of Azerbaijan, because this allows for the exchange of knowledge to enter into Azerbaijan for the benefit of the people of Azerbaijan, such as state of the art hospitals, Sobhani concluded.

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