TAP shareholder facilitates first car supply with “green fuel”

  26 February 2019    Read: 2114
TAP shareholder facilitates first car supply with “green fuel”

Italy’s Snam company, which is one of the shareholders of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), has facilitated the first car supply with renewable gas with zero carbon dioxide emissions in Italy, Trend reports with reference to the company’s message.

The first supply of cars and trucks in Italy with only biomethane, a renewable gas with zero carbon dioxide emissions took place in Rapolano, in the province of Siena. The supplies were made as part of the opening ceremony of an IP-branded service station created by Snam.

Reportedly, the "green" fuel was supplied to Piccini Paolo Spa (the owner of the plant) by a company in Padua, the SESA Spa (Estense Environmental Services Company).

“This fuel, equivalent to about 2,500 kg of biomethane, will allow for the creation of over 150 supplies. In the future, the station could be powered by biomethane plants that will develop in the area,” said Snam.

Italy has the largest number of methane-fueled cars in Europe (around 1 million) and the most developed distribution network (1,300 distributors), which is also expanding thanks to Snam's investments. Rapolano is the sixth distributor created by Snam in Italy.

Snam is Europe’s leading gas utility. It has been building and managing sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure guaranteeing energy security for over 75 years. Snam operates in Italy and, through subsidiaries, Austria (TAG and GCA), France (Teréga) and the United Kingdom (Interconnector UK). It is one of the main shareholders of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) and is the company most involved in projects for the creation of the Energy Union.

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