G o o g l e  refuses to remove Saudi women's surveillance application

  04 March 2019    Read: 1126
  G   o   o   g   l   e   refuses to remove Saudi women

Google refused to remove Saudi Absher application from Google Play that lets men monitor women and control where they can go, Daily Mail reported. 

Google employees have reviewed the app and stated that it may still be accessible to users, since it does not violate any rights.

Initially, Absher was used by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior as a resource for collecting and processing population data.

“The app allows for guardians to state where women can go, for how long and which airports they're allowed to visit in the Islamist dictatorship. Apple says it is still reviewing Absher and Senator Ron Wyden has accused them of 'stalling' and is demanding a decision. Rep Sprier says that the responses from both companies are 'deeply unsatisfactory,” the source noted.

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