Huge explosion reported in Stockholm - PHOTOS

  10 March 2019    Read: 2233
Huge explosion reported in Stockholm -  PHOTOS

A cloud of black smoke seen over Stockholm is of unknown origin. However, social media users have suggested that it could be coming from a bus on fire.

A bus has exploded in the centre of Stockholm in the Klaratunneln tunnel, British Express reported citing a management operator at the Stockholm Fire Department. The bus was engulfed by fire and emitted large amounts of black smoke, seen from across the city.

The police haven't yet provided any information about possible injuries and casualties. They have reportedly redirected all traffic from the centre of Stockholm. It's unclear if the fire has been extinguished, but the British media have reported that 40 minutes following the blast firefighters are still battling the flames.

"I heard a big bang first and then several smaller ones", eyewitness Björn Wallentin, cited by Express, said.

Social media users have been sharing photos and videos of the black smoke coming from the reported site of the bus explosion.

One user has shared an alleged photo of the bus itself.

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