Creation of terrorist groups in occupied Azerbaijani lands posing threat to world - Official 

  15 April 2019    Read: 1380
 Creation of terrorist groups in occupied Azerbaijani lands posing threat to world - Official 

Creation of terrorist groups in the occupied Azerbaijani territories and sending them to conflict zones poses a threat to the whole world, deputy prime minister, Chairman of Azerbaijan’s State Commission on Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking Ali Hasanov said.

He made the remarks at the 36th International Drug Enforcement Conference, being held in Baku, reports on April 15.

He stressed that Azerbaijan is fighting drug use and drug trafficking at the state level.

Hasanov said that 3 state programs have been successfully implemented in Azerbaijan in the fight against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking, noting that the fourth program has been prepared and submitted to the Azerbaijani president.

Hasanov added that Azerbaijan has established close cooperation in this field with international organizations.

“Azerbaijan is located in an important geographical area, and one of the main problems is related to attempts to transport drugs through the country’s territory,” he said.

Hasanov noted that there is a serious struggle in Azerbaijan against illicit drug trafficking using modern technologies, and big cargoes of drugs have been recently withdrawn from circulation.

He added that as a result of Armenia’s aggression, 20 percent of Azerbaijani lands were occupied, more than one million citizens became refugees and IDPs.

“The cultivation and production of drugs, as well as the creation of a transit base in the occupied Azerbaijani territories, the creation, preparation and sending terrorist groups to conflict zones shows how great the threat is, and it is clearly seen how serious the threat is not only for the region, but also for the whole world.”

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