Explosion at Savoy Cinema in Colombo – Reports

  24 April 2019    Read: 2536
 Explosion at Savoy Cinema in Colombo –  Reports

According to the police, a controlled explosion was used to open the seat of the motorbike which was parked near the Savoy Cinema.

Sri Lanka's defence minister confirmed that the blast was a controlled explosion, carried out by a special task force.

No explosive were found in the motorbike, according to the police statement.

Eight explosions took place in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday; three churches and three hotels were targeted. The number of people killed in a series of blasts that hit Sri Lanka has risen to 359 according to latest reports.

A massive security operation was launched following the attacks. Sri Lanka's authorities introduced and re-introduced curfews, deploying an extra 1,000 troops in the capital Colombo.

These were the worst attacks the country has faced since the end its 25-year-old civil war.

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