Armenia pursues dangerous policy, says Azerbaijani MP

  30 May 2019    Read: 650
Armenia pursues dangerous policy, says Azerbaijani MP

Today, Armenia wages an information war and trying to mislead the international community, said Samad Seyidov, head of the Azerbaijani parliamentary committee on international relations and interparliamentary ties, head of the permanent delegation of Azerbaijan to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

He was speaking at an international forum on regional threats from Armenia.

According to Seyidov, the policy pursued by Armenia is dangerous. He noted that the current leadership of Armenia has certain distinguishing features.

“The individuals who came to power in Armenia managed to do this due to the problems formed by the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Corruption, demographic problems, economic failures — Pashinyan took advantage of all these things in order to come to power,” he said.

“For the first time in the history of the country, a man rose up on the wave of the struggle against Armenia’s Karabakh clan. For the first time, a person in power avoids responsibility for Nagorno Karabakh, does not want to carry it by himself. Attempts at changing the format of negotiations and other steps in different directions indicate this. Pashinyan tries to earn dividends by distancing himself from the conflict," he pointed out.

Nevertheless, all of these things failed to bring the desired results for the Armenian authorities, Seyidov remarked.

"Having suffered a complete defeat in all directions, they resorted to an information war," he concluded.



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