Zelensky’s first salary as President named

  26 June 2019    Read: 1181
  Zelensky’s first salary as President named

Volodymyr Zelensky will earn 12 727 UAH in salary for his first month of work as president, as reported by the Presidential Administration in its response to the request of “Factor”.

According to the response, there will be no bonuses or extra payments for Zelensky’s work in the past month.

The Head of the Main Department for Access to Public Information, Svitlana Kondzelya, signed the document.

2481,82 UAH will be withheld from Zelensky’s salary. Thus, he should receive a bit over 10 000 UAH.

Notably, at the time of drafting the document Zelensky’s salary was deposited – transferred for preservation. Consequently, Zelensky has not yet collected his earnings.



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