Scotland would vote for independence: Ashcroft poll shows  

  05 August 2019    Read: 605
Scotland would vote for independence: Ashcroft poll shows  

Scottish voters would vote for independence from the United Kingdom, according to a poll by Michael Ashcroft, the first major published survey to show a lead for independence since March 2017, reported citing Reuters. 

Asked how they would vote in an independence referendum, 46% said they would vote for independence and 43% against. Excluding those who said they did not know or would not vote, this amounted to a lead of 52% to 48% for an independent Scotland.

“In the wake of [Prime Minister] Boris Johnson’s visit to Edinburgh last week I polled Scots to measure support for a second independence referendum and to gauge opinion on independence itself,” Ashcroft, a Conservative who opposed Johnson’s leadership, said.

“I found a small majority in favor of a new vote – and the first lead for an independent Scotland for more than two years,” he said.


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