International community does not recognize 'election' envisaged in occupied territories of Azerbaijan 

  06 September 2019    Read: 2613
  International community does not recognize

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Leyla Abdullayeva commented on holding so-called 'local self-government elections' on the occupied Azerbaijani territories, reports. 

L.Abdullayeva stated that according to the Armenian mass media outlets, Armenia envisages organization of the show presented as 'election' cover at the occupied territories of our country. 

'There is only one reality that is known to everyone: if you talk about 'elections' in the condition of military aggression, occupation, ethnic cleansing and illegal actions, neither this staged spectacle, nor its results is and will be recognized by the international community,' Abdullayeva underlined. 

'This is identically the same with the puppet separatist regime created by invader Armenia at the occupied territories of our country. I recall that international community, including co-chair countries, univocally stated regarding so-called elections held by this day that they will not recognize these illegal actions and their results. Despite the attempts of the Armenian side to promote puppet regime functioning in Nagorno Karabakh region of our country with the support of the Armenian diaspora organizations and lobbyist groups, organization of illegal visits, provocative actions, there is one truth and it is not changeable. I would like to expand on this truth with concrete examples. We can see that in the example of Australia. Recently, the visit of agents of the illegal regime to Australia was organized with an attempt of presenting it as the 'recognition' of the illegal regime. Support of the Australian Federal government to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is certainly clear. Following this action, Australian MFA expressed their support to the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by this country, noting that they do not recognize Nagorno Karabakh as an 'independent state'. Another example, in response to the information on Armenian media on the participation of the so-called regime as an observer in the land elections in Germany,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany told Azerbaijani Embassy that the information has no basis and stated that Germany neither recognize Nagorno-Karabakh nor the 'elections' held there. I can count numerous similar examples. The truth is that Nagorno- Karabakh is an inseparable part of Azerbaijan and it is reflected in all international documents,' Leyla Abdullayeva stated.

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