Number of lawyers in Azerbaijan doubled – top official  

  04 October 2019    Read: 1020
 Number of lawyers in Azerbaijan doubled – top official  

The number of lawyers in Azerbaijan has doubled, said Fuad Alasgarov, Assistant to the Azerbaijani President for Work with Law Enforcement Bodies and Military Issues – Head of the Department of the Presidential Administration.

Alasgarov made the remarks at an international conference entitled "Strong and authoritative advocacy - the present challenges" in Baku through the joint organization of the Azerbaijani Bar Association and the German Society for International Cooperation within the anniversary events in connection with the legal profession, reports.

“The Constitution, adopted in 1995 through a referendum, laid the foundation for the transition of a society to the stage of building a modern, democratic, legal state,” he said.

"Free entrepreneurship is developing in Azerbaijan, where fundamental reforms are being carried out,” Alasgarov said. “There is a need for the establishment of a new type of advocacy.”

“The new democratic Constitution of independent Azerbaijan has created the basis for a radical change in the legal status of advocacy, as well as its formation as a mechanism for effectively ensuring human rights and freedoms,” he added.

He noted that the ongoing rapid changes in public relations in modern times require continuous improvement of economic, social, legal and other mechanisms in all countries.

The top official said that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev pursues a consistent policy aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the country.

“The order on additional measures regarding advocacy development in Azerbaijan, which was signed by President Ilham Aliyev in February 2018, is a vivid example of important steps. The order emphasizes the importance of a strong advocacy institution for the effective operation of the justice system. This order also envisages measures aimed at enhancing the activities of advocacy organizations in Azerbaijan’s districts, providing support for the activity of the Bar Association, as well as improving access to legal services for low-income people,” he said.

Alasgarov stressed that the amount paid to lawyers by the state for the provision of free legal assistance to the low-income family has been tripled.

“Moreover, the abovementioned order put forward a number of recommendations to the Bar Association. The order recommends the Bar Association increase the number of lawyers in the country through the involvement of young lawyers. Thanks to the purposeful activities of the Bar Association, the number of lawyers in the country has almost doubled since the adoption of the order, and this process is going on,” he said.

The top official noted that a working group consisting of employees of law enforcement and judicial authorities is currently operating to ensure the continuation of judicial and legal reforms in the country.

“The work on a new legislative package is coming to an end. At present, significant measures are being taken to support the development of advocacy in the country,” he added.

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