US Airlines determined to prove Boeing 737 MAX safety before return to flights 

  04 November 2019    Read: 549
US Airlines determined to prove Boeing 737 MAX safety before return to flights 

Three leading US airlines plan to take steps to demonstrate the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX jet in an attempt to build consumer confidence before the plane’s return to operation early next year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines intend to embark on public relations campaigns to portray themselves as primarily concerned with flight safety in order to strengthen passenger and pilot confidence, the newspaper reported on Sunday citing industry sources.

The airlines will not re-conduct the analyses and test flights that the Office made in conjunction with foreign regulators for several months but will instead demonstrate extensive test flights by freshly trained pilots, according to the report.

Southwest Airlines reported that the airline intends to conduct hundreds of preparatory flights before the full return of 737 MAX to the schedule, which reports have suggested will happen in the early months of next year, provided international regulators are satisfied with changes and updates by the airplane manufacturer and it's oversight body.

Union representing flight attendants at the three airlines expressed reluctance to allow its members to work aboard the airplane which has been grounded since March following two similar airplane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed a total of 346 people.

The grounding of the plane has impacted carriers around the world who owned and operated the model, as were forced to cancel hundreds of planned flights with the 737 MAX and extensively reroute or refund passengers as a result.

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