Napoleon’s boots fetch 117,000 euros at auction in Paris

  30 November 2019    Read: 1019
Napoleon’s boots fetch 117,000 euros at auction in Paris

A pair of boots thought to belong to French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte fetched 117,000 euros at a sale in Paris’ Drouot auctioneers. This is according to a statement Drouot published on Twitter, TASS reports. 

"Napoleon’s famous boots have just sold for 117,208 euros," the Druout auction house tweeted noting that there are "still many" fans of Napoleon’s empire.

According to French historians, Napoleon wore these black boots in his final exile on St. Helena, where he died in 1821. After the emperor’s death, the boots were owned by Napoleon’s final companion, Grand Marshal Bertrand. He later gave them to sculptor Carlo Marochetti, who used them as a model for a sculpture of Napoleon riding a horse meant for his tomb.

The historians draw attention to the fact that the boots match descriptions of Napoleon’s boot orders placed with shoemaker Jacques in Paris’ rue Montmartre.

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