Turkey slams US resolution on events of 1915   

  13 December 2019    Read: 676
  Turkey slams US resolution on events of 1915   

The resolution adopted by the U.S. Senate on 12 December 2019 on the events of 1915 is devoid of historical awareness and any legal base, said a statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The resolution itself is neither legally binding nor valid, read the statement.

“This resolution of the Senate is one of the disgraceful examples of politicisation of history. However, those who exploit history by disregarding reality for their political interests will never achieve their aims,” the statement said. “This resolution, at the same time, is a damaging effort aiming at interrupting the endeavors to develop Turkish-U.S. relations.”

The ministry stressed that Turkey’s efforts to protect its vital interests in the region will resolutely continue without being affected from such unjust and tactless resolutions.

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