New social security centers to be created in Azerbaijan - Minister 

  20 January 2020    Read: 1014
   New social security centers to be created in Azerbaijan - Minister 

This year, two more centers of the Sustainable and Operative Social Security (DOST) Agency under Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population will be created in Baku, as well as DOST centers in Sumgayit, Absheron, Sheki, Barda, Guba and Sabirabad districts, Sahil Babayev, the minister of labor and social protection of the population, said at a board meeting, reports citing the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population.

The minister noted that the creation of the DOST Agency under the ministry, the first and second Baku DOST centers was the most successful innovation in the social sphere, and ensured the transition of social services to a qualitatively new level of development.

The first DOST center served up to 65,000 citizens, the satisfaction level was 95.2 percent, said Babayev.

The Konullu DOST program received 6,900 appeals, and 250 volunteers were involved in the work, the minister noted.

Babayev added that last year the number of people attracted to the self-employment program reached 10,354, the number of families receiving state targeted social assistance increased by 70 percent, amounting to 72,000 (296,000 family members).

These programs will be expanded in 2020, the minister said.

Babayev added that the employment agencies of the ministry provided 103,028 people with job, 3,168 people were involved in professional training, and about 135,000 citizens were provided with professional counseling services.

“Ishsizin DOSTu” (“A Friend of the Unemployed”) program allowed opening 38,000 paid public service jobs, the minister noted.

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