Deputy PM: Improving living conditions of people - main priority of Azerbaijani gov’t

  07 February 2020    Read: 910
  Deputy PM: Improving living conditions of people - main priority of Azerbaijani gov’t

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on Feb. 6 in connection with an increase in labor pensions, according to which all labor pensions were increased by 16.6 percent from Jan. 1, Azerbaijan’s deputy prime minister, Deputy Chairman - Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov wrote in the article “Great Gift for Pensioners” on his Facebook page.

“It should be admitted that a serious growth in pensions is a significant increase in the family budget of about 1.2 million people,” reads the article. “Given that just a few months ago, the minimum level of pensions was increased by more than 70 percent, it is possible to imagine the scale of attention and support that the government, by direct instruction of President Ilham Aliyev, is rendering to improving the living conditions of pensioners.”

Ahmadov noted that, first of all, the order on raising pensions can be considered as another clear manifestation of the principle of President Ilham Aliyev: “The people of Azerbaijan are at the center of our policy.”

The manifestation of inexhaustible care for a person, the improvement of people's living conditions is the main priority of the Azerbaijani government, which is why there is a strong unity between the people and the authorities, according to the article.

The deputy prime minister emphasized that another important feature that should be noted in the context of raising pensions is that, in fact, this initiative is the result and an important component of Azerbaijan’s economic and social reforms.

“There is no need to prove that improving the well-being of the people is the main goal of these reforms” reads the article. “However, it should be emphasized separately that the above-mentioned order is a direct result of the reforms that are being carried out. Raising pensions requires more than 500 million manat ($294.1 million) per year. The reforms that are successfully being carried out in Azerbaijan are accompanied by the creation of new jobs, higher salaries, elimination of informal employment and strengthening of labor and financial discipline in all areas.”

Each of these positive processes, in turn, makes it possible to implement policies aimed at improving the living conditions of various categories of the population, including pensioners, according to the article.

“In other words, improving the well-being of the people is reflected not only in the statements of the Azerbaijani government, but also in the real work and its results,” Ahmadov said.

“Increasing pensions should be regarded as strong evidence confirming successful implementation of the concept of reforms announced by President Ilham Aliyev,” the article noted. “The people see the fruits of the large-scale reforms announced years earlier and ongoing today, and they believe that more confident reforms will create the opportunity to further improve the well-being of the people.”

The YAP deputy chairman added that it is necessary to recall the anti-Azerbaijani propaganda of malicious external forces and the radical opposition trying to denigrate Azerbaijan, its successful policy, to change the opinion of people through lies and manipulations.

“Rather, they should be reminded that over the past six months only in the field of raising pensions two major social projects were implemented, and last year, the minimum pensions were increased by more than 70 percent, and this year all labor pensions were raised by 16.6 percent,” said Ahmadov.

“However, in many countries we are facing the opposite picture,” the deputy chairman noted. “The well-known Yellow Vests movement lasting more than one year in the center of Europe appeared as a protest against the deterioration of the conditions of the pension appointment, and hasn’t lost its relevance so far.”

“In another European country, the government several years ago had to take such an unpopular decision as reducing pensions, as a result of which the cabinet changed repeatedly, the economic and political crisis broke out,” reads the article. “Many examples can be brought, but I don’t see the need for this, because I’m not going to criticize any particular countries. It is obvious that Azerbaijan’s rapid socio-economic development extremely worries the radical opposition, crosses out their political prospects and nullifies their authority among the people.”

“Therefore, the opposition resorts to the dirtiest methods, trying to realize its unhealthy political ambitions, acts together with external anti-Azerbaijani forces and helps them,” Ahmadov said. “There is no doubt that Azerbaijan’s success is a source of pride of the people. In terms of development, Azerbaijan holds a worthy place in all prestigious ratings, and the country is ranked among the successful countries of the world, so one should rejoice and be proud of it.”



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