Operative Headquarters under Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers issues statement

  03 March 2020    Read: 2339
 Operative Headquarters under Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers issues statement

Special state medical institutions for laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus infection have been determined in accordance with international experience, AzVision.az reports with reference to the Cabinet of Ministers' Operational Headquarters.

Laboratories are created in at special medical facilities in full compliance with the biosafety standard and other quality standards established by World Health Organization (WHO).

Analyzes are carried out by highly qualified staff, the correctness of test results is controlled by special programs.

Conducting laboratory tests to establish coronavirus infection in other state and non-state medical institutions is strictly prohibited. In respect of all medical facilities that violate this requirement, measures in accordance with the law will be taken.

Recently, citizens of Azerbaijan have raised a number of questions related to laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus infection. The Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers reports that for the timely detection of coronavirus infection, it is important to take tests from people who came from the regions where this disease is currently widespread, or who were in contact with people who came from such regions, as well as whose disease has been confirmed.

Currently, medical examination of these persons in the laboratories of specially designated state medical institutions is carried out at the expense of the state budget in accordance with the WHO protocol.

If these persons feel symptoms of a respiratory illness such as fever, weakness, cough, nausea, difficulty breathing, they can immediately call the ambulance phone numbers - 103 (within Baku) or 113 (for outside Baku), and undergo a medical examination.

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