Azerbaijan launches website with official information on coronavirus

  18 March 2020    Read: 1532
 Azerbaijan launches website with  official information on coronavirus

Public Health and Reforms Center under Azerbaijan's Ministry of Health has developed a website in order to inform the public on the measures to prevent and combat coronavirus, reports with reference to the center.

The website contains information of coronavirus infection prevention and confirmed data about the disease.

Currently, various news websites and social media networks distribute unconfirmed information on the coronavirus infection, and some publications are not only false, but also pose a serious threat to people's mental health.

The website's primary goal is to provide Azerbaijani citizens with reliable information on coronavirus, timely report on the work and preventive measures carried out by Azerbaijan's Ministry of Health.

The center is asking all institutions and ventures to cooperate to strengthen measures to combat the disease and to implement measures for its prevention. It is also encouraging the population to believe only confirmed and valid information.

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