Azerbaijan launches production of medical masks 

  07 April 2020    Read: 1088
  Azerbaijan launches production of medical masks 

In most countries, there is a shortage of medical masks and other accessories due to the sharp increase in demand for these goods amid coronavirus spread, while the countries manufacturing these products, along with the suspension of export, also refuse to sell equipment for production of these goods and raw materials. 

The equipment and raw materials for the production of medical masks were purchased and imported into the country in accordance with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s order through joint efforts of the relevant state structures, Trend reports on April 7.

The work on the establishment of the enterprise manufacturing medical masks was completed and it has already begun to operate in Azerbaijan.

An area in the Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park was allocated for the enterprise manufacturing medical masks established by Baku Textile Factory.

It has the status of a resident of the industrial park.

This status allows the enterprise to take advantage of the benefits envisaged for the industrial parks. The manufacturer was provided with a loan on concessional terms in the amount of 1.2 million manat ($705,882) through the Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economy.

Moreover, on the basis of social responsibility, the resident of the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park - MST Engineering Services LLC - allotted part of its territory for the medical mask manufacturing enterprise.

Special boxes for packing medical masks are made by resident of the Balakhani Industrial Park, private entrepreneur Etibar Eminov.

The modern equipment brought from Turkey for the production of medical masks has been installed at the enterprise in a short period. Some 3.9 million manat ($2.3 million) was invested in the establishment of the enterprise.

Over 30 jobs have been created there. The production process consists of three-shifts. By using raw materials that meet international standards ISO 17050-1, the enterprise will initially produce 120,000 medical masks daily at the initial stage. After packing the medical masks, they will be further sterilized by using special equipment.

Another production line will be launched in the coming days. At the second stage, the production volume will double and daily production will reach 200,000-250,000 medical masks. The enterprise's products will primarily be aimed at meeting the needs of the domestic market.

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