French police shoot dead knife attacker in La Courneuve 

  15 April 2020    Read: 1001
French police shoot dead knife attacker in La Courneuve 

A knife attack on a police officer took place on the evening of 14 April in Noisy-le-Grand, in Seine-Saint-Denis, according to media reports.

French police have shot dead a man who attacked law enforcement officers in the city of La Courneuve in a northern suburb of Paris, Reuters reported, adding that the attacker was armed with a knife, Sputnik reports. 

According to reports, the man started threatening the police officers at around 4:30 p.m. (2:30 GMT) before moving towards them.

The Bobigny commune prosecutor's office has opened an investigation entrusted to the general inspection of the National Police and to the judicial police of the department.

On 4 April, a man stabbed people in the centre of the town of Romans-sur-Isere, in the Drome department, killing two and injuring several others. The attacker was detained and identified as a Sudanese national born in 1987. Two other Sudanese citizens, his neighbours, were also detained. The anti-terrorist prosecutor's office joined the investigation into the attack after papers were seized at the perpetrator’s home in which the author complained that "he lives in a country of non-believers".

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