Azerbaijan presents “I’m going home” portal

  18 April 2020    Read: 1421
  Azerbaijan presents “I’m going home” portal

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has presented the new registration portal “I’m going home”, intended for facilitating the process of the return to the country of Azerbaijani citizens abroad.    

The presentation ceremony was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Ramiz Hasanov and representatives of relevant state bodies, the ministry told

The new portal ( ) will allow Azerbaijanis living abroad to register online in connection with their return to the homeland due to the coronavirus threat. It will also accelerate the process of applying to Azerbaijani embassies and consulates abroad.  

At the initial stage, only Azerbaijani citizens residing in Russia will be able to register on the portal. The citizens, who registered on the portal, will be returned to Azerbaijan both by air and by land, taking into account their requests.

The return of Azerbaijani citizens will be regulated in accordance with the rules of the quarantine regime introduced throughout the country. The registration on the portal is available from 18 (at 10:00 Moscow time) to 23 April (at 00:00).

The portal is intended for only Azerbaijani citizens.


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