Millions of manat saved thanks to ‘Azerbaijan’ thermal power station - Azerenergy

  29 June 2020    Read: 2057
  Millions of manat saved thanks to ‘Azerbaijan’ thermal power station - Azerenergy

Following the reconstruction of ‘Azerbaijan’ thermal power station, a wastewater treatment system was created at the station, Vugar Shakhmuradov, deputy vice president of Azerenergy OJSC, told Trend on June 29.

“Before the reconstruction, there were difficulties in the field of treatment of wastewater mixed with fuel oil, which created environmental problems,” deputy vice president added. "The constructed treatment system allows to completely remove fuel oil and oil pollution and drain it into the canal."

Shakhmuradov also stressed that the rotor blades in the boilers and turbines were replaced as part of the reconstruction of the thermal power station.

“The air heaters, internal pipes of the boiler and chimneys were replaced,” the deputy vice president added. “Moreover, if until 2018, the blocks of the thermal power station operated on fuel with a volume of 340-350 grams, then after reconstruction these indicators reduced up to 330 grams."

"If we take into account that the annual energy productivity of the thermal power station is more than about eight billion kWh, this means millions of manat," he said.

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