Amazon founder’s ex-wife become US’s richest woman

  12 July 2020    Read: 859
Amazon founder’s ex-wife become US’s richest woman

Ex-spouse of the world’s richest man, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos MacKenzie has become the richest woman in the US, Forbes announced Saturday, reports citing CNN.

In July 2019, MacKenzie Bezos received 4% share of the world’s largest online retailer during a divorce process. At the moment of the divorce, this share was worth about $38.3 billion. However, Amazon stocks significantly increased in price during the coronavirus pandemic, Forbes says.

Therefore, Bezos’s ex-spouse’s net worth is now estimated at $62.3 billion. According to Forbes, she overtook Alice Walton, daughter of the Walmart founder Sam Walton, whose net worth is believed to be $57.3 billion.

The net worth of Jeff Bezos himself is currently about $188.2 billion. Earlier, Forbes names Bezos as the first man, whose net worth ever exceeded the $180 billion threshold.

Amazon, the online goods and services retailer, was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It started as online store of books and music, and steadily switched to online movie, video games and electronics store; it has become the first US company to offer paid movie downloads for further viewing without an Internet connection.

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