Azerbaijan's labour minister comments on amendments to state budget

  05 August 2020    Read: 1304

Fictitious and unreasonable pension applications amounting for payment of 54.8 million manat ($32.2 million) were dismissed in Azerbaijan during the first half of 2020, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Sahil Babayev said, reports.

Babayev made the remark during discussions on amendments to the state budget of Azerbaijan at the meeting of the Parliament on August 5.

The minister noted that the free balance of funds in the amount of 197.2 million manat ($116 million), formed by the beginning of this year in the fund's account due to adjustments, was included in the revenues of the State Social Protection Fund under the ministry. Taking into account this amount and the savings in expenditures totaling 40.8 million manat ($24 million), it became possible to reduce the volume of transfers from the state budget to the fund by 238 million manat ($140 million).

“These funds will be used to continue the implementation of the programs on social protection and financial support for social security in relation with the pandemic,” Babayev said.

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