Brief History of the Land of Fire-Azerbaijan - OPINION

  27 August 2020    Read: 1178
 Brief History of the Land of Fire-Azerbaijan -  OPINION

Azerbaijan is a country located between Iran and Russia making it an interesting geo-political location, between two different cultures in a very vulnerable region. Therefore, the areas around Azerbaijan have a lot of problems including separatism, religious fundamentalism and wars and Azerbaijan seems to be the only area of stability in the region, if it were not for the conflict with Armenia. To be a small country and to resist all of these contexts is a big challenge for Azerbaijan and means a lot to the country. Azerbaijan and Georgia are the countries in the region that share Western values and want to cultivate and foster these European values in their societies.

In the region that Azerbaijan is located, it is one of those countries that have free internet and social media which has never been banned, where both men and women are equal and there is a strong will to transform this small country into a close partner of Europe. So it is important to take a deeper look into this small but interesting country.

Women’s rights in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan`s political and social progression has come to serve as a model for other countries in the region, pointing the way towards increased rights for all its citizens. In the 15th century Azerbaijan used to have a very prominent diplomat called Sara Khatum, long before most countries had women in such senior positions. Women`s rights in Azerbaijan show the country`s distinctly modern approach when compared to its neighbours and the innovative leadership of successive governments and groups has ensured continued progress to this end. Indeed, Azerbaijan was the first Muslim country to legally give women the right to vote. Universal suffrage was written into law in 1918, and female representation has increased in recent years in Azerbaijan’s Presidential and parliamentary administration. Future efforts for equality of women’s rights continue to be at the forefront of debate and various organisations have been established throughout the country, offering counsel to women in need. While such steps are being taken in Azerbaijan to improve the rights for women in the country, the same cannot be said of other countries in the region.

It is clear to understand that this is a very interesting and complicated country with good aims and potential to achieve the goals. We are hoping that in the next 10 years there will be another spot on the map - a new destination for Europeans to travel and explore new areas on the globe.


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