Farid Shafiyev comments on Armenia’s refusal from Madrid principles

  04 September 2020    Read: 2286
  Farid Shafiyev comments on Armenia’s refusal from Madrid principles

Armenian officials at various levels announced the refusal from the Madrid principles, said Farid Shafiyev, Chairman of the Baku-based Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center).

“This was coming since March 2019. Instead, the Armenian nationalists put forward "Sevres" (non-ratified Treaty of Sevres) principle, entailing the territorial clams to both Turkey and Azerbaijan. This is the advancement of the expansionist Great Armenia project,” Shafiyev said.

He stressed that the recent relocation of Lebanese Armenians to the Azerbaijani occupied territories and Armenian Prime Minister's wife military "training" in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan is the jesture towards the destruction of any possibility for the restart of the negotiations.

Shafiyev said the Minsk Group Co-chairs should express their position with regard to the latest development.

“In the meantime, while Armenian nationalists rejoice over the recent militaristic posture, it is also evident that so-called Armenian Velvet Revolution ended up. I am speaking not only about the international dimension, but also the domestic one. The Armenian government basically reconfirmed both internal and international course and alliance of the previous regime,” he added.

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