Croatian MP calls Armenia to respect Azerbaijan's territorial integrity & stop attacks on civilians  

  03 October 2020    Read: 302
Croatian MP calls Armenia to respect Azerbaijan

Croatian MP Veljko Kajtazi, a member of the Human Rights Committee, expressed regret over the escalation of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and stressed his support for a peaceful solution to the conflict between the two countries, reports citing the Croatian media.

Veljko Kajtazi expressed his sorrow over the death of dozens of civilians as a result of Armenian military provocations in the last few days.

"Unfortunately, tensions are growing, and by 2020, coexistence and border issues will be resolved through conflict. The death of civilians is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Violations against civilians must be stopped immediately”, Kajtazi highlighted. 

He also called on his colleagues and the Croatian government to support a peaceful solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict noting that the conflict should only be resolved by peaceful means.

"Armenia must respect Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and must not violate Geneva Conventions. They also need to stop attacking civilians immediately," he said.

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