NGOs of Azerbaijan issues statement in protest at the statement of Amnesty International

  08 October 2020    Read: 750
  NGOs of Azerbaijan issues statement in protest at the statement of Amnesty International

The NGOs of Azerbaijan specialized in human rights protection have issued a statement in protest at the statement of Amnesty International, reports.

The statement reads: 

As the NGOs of Azerbaijan specialized in human rights protection, we express our deep concern and dissatisfaction with your statement on protection of civilians in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. As a human rights organization, your position on the importance of protecting civilians within the framework of humanitarian law, as well as international human rights, is commendable. Unfortunately, your statement is biased and unjustified. Thus, in the statement you note that Khankendi and Shusha were bombed by Azerbaijani military forces, but you do not mention that in fact it is Armenia which has grossly violated the norms and principles of international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions, in Ganja, Tartar, Mingachevir, Barda, Beylagan, Agjabadi, Khizi and other cities and villages densely populated by Azerbaijani civilians, openly attempting to expand the scale and geography of the conflict. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that 27 Azerbaijani civilians were killed, 141 people were injured and more than 500 residential buildings and civil facilities were destroyed as a result of Armenian missile strikes. A selective approach to such an important and sensitive issue is a complete violation of the principle of impartiality from the perspective of human rights.

However, cluster bombs used by the Armenian army, in violation of international law, have caused significant damage to civilians and infrastructure in villages and towns in and around the conflict zone. The norms and principles of international law justify the operations of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces to restore the territorial integrity of our country and ensure the security of the civilian population. The Azerbaijani army is defending its territory and targets only legitimate military facilities. Civilian objects are not fired upon in accordance with the convention. In view of the above-mentioned facts, we appeal to you on behalf of the NGOs of Azerbaijan specialized in human rights protection, calling you to condemn the provocative military aggression and war crimes committed by Armenia against the Azerbaijani people. Please find attached the infographics illustrating the recent war crimes of Armenia against Azerbaijan.

Signed by:

Ms. Novela Jafarova – Society for Protection of Women Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva;

Mr. Ramil Isgandarli – Legal Analysis and Research Public Union;

Ms. Saltanat Gojamanli - “Public Union for the Protection of Human Rights and Law Order”;

Ms. Arzu Abdullayeva – Azerbaijan National Committee of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly;

Ms. Saadat Bananyarli - Azerbaijan National Section of International Society for Human Rights Public Union;

Ms. Zalikha Tahirova – Human Rights Centre of Azerbaijan;

Mr. Avaz Hasanov - Humanitarian Research Public Union;

Ms. Mirvari Gahramanli - Oil Workers Rights Protection Public Union;

Mr. Eldar Zeynalov – Human Rights Centre of Azerbaijan.

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