Armenian leaders must be brought to justice for attack on Ganja, says Indian expert

  11 October 2020    Read: 2223
 Armenian leaders must be brought to justice for attack on Ganja, says Indian expert

The international community must urgently condemn the Armenian leaders for a missile attack on an apartment building in Ganja, Azerbaijan which killed and wounded dozens of people, Indian political analyst, researcher at the Center for Central Eurasian Studies Mumbai Shoaib Khan told 

Indian political analysts highlighted the importance of holding the perpetrators responsible for these crimes.

“This shows that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces made the Armenian Armed Forces retreat from their positions which are not strong enough to resist the Azerbaijani army. Therefore, they launched a missile attack targetting civilians and civilian infrastructure. Now, if the Armenians are firing on the territory of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani army has the right to conduct military operations in the territory of Armenia", Shoaib Khan noted.

"The requirements of the Geneva Convention remain only on paper, and the ones who violate the convention are not subject to punishment under any international law. Azerbaijan's counter-attacks in response to Armenian terrorists must continue, any negotiations on a ceasefire are useless at this stage. A ceasefire should not be achieved until all the terrorist groups supported by Armenia lay down their arms, surrender to the Azerbaijani army and recognize Nagorno-Karabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan's territory.

In addition, the Armenians groundlessly accuse the Pakistani and Turkish forces of military support to Azerbaijan, but Yerevan openly supports the terrorists in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia should be included in the FATF list, and sanctions should be imposed against it, ” Khain added.

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