No one can impede Azerbaijan’s ‘just cause’ – Israeli expert

  13 October 2020    Read: 517
  No one can impede Azerbaijan’s ‘just cause’ – Israeli expert

After many years, the Azerbaijani Army began to carry out its main task to liberate the country’s occupied territories, Israeli political scientist Yuri Bocharov told

It is a period of double standards in politics, said Bocharov. “For some we say one thing, for others we do another. Unfortunately, on the one hand, there is Azerbaijan, which has been suffering from the occupation of 20 percent of its legal territory, and on the other hand, there is Armenia, which is practically isolated from the world and, despite its aggressive policy, satisfied some world powers,” he noted.

The political analyst said all rational-minded citizens of other countries welcome Azerbaijan’s just cause.

“However, against the background of the most serious successes of the Azerbaijani Army, the violation of the thirty-year "status quo" clearly does not satisfy all members of the OSCE Minsk Group. Thus, each of them makes different decisions, trying to freeze the success of the Azerbaijani Army for their own interests. Some condemn and call for the cessation of hostilities, some try to falsify information at the international level, and some, as usual, transfer troops under the guise of humanitarian aid,” he added.

Bocharov expressed confidence that no one can prevent Azerbaijan from continuing its just cause to liberate its occupied territories.

“The main thing now is to do it wisely, away from any provocation that will allow the use of real force against the country. As for some opinions, let them speak, as it is said in the East, ‘a dog barks, the caravan passes’,” he concluded. 

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